Impact of Disembodiment

Impact of Disembodiment

I will admit that I have been one to disconnect from the news of the world, to not want to hear the negativity and heartbreak occurring. I have in the past chosen to ignorantly remove myself from it, thinking this will keep me more aligned with my path and what I have to offer the world. 

BUT I see now how this too is disembodiment. A disconnection from the suffering of life, both inwardly and in the outer world, and shoving it under the rug, wishing it away and pretending it isn’t real is NOT the answer.

I am now watching and feeling and I am so very sad.

Right now in the face of the suffering of our country, the world, it’s people, it’s animals & ecosystems we have an opportunity to wake up. This is where embodiment comes in.

So what is embodiment?

“Embodiment is a coming home to the sacred vessel of the body. It is a reconnection with feeling and the sensate experience of being fully alive. To be embodied is to be present with life through felt sensation, emotion & the heart rather than just thought. 

To be embodied means to be grounded within ourselves & our humanity. To be engaged with our human experience.”

It is my opinion that we must FEEL this pain, sadness, tragedy, heartbreak and suffering present in our country and the world at this time. Our profound disconnection and disrespect for nature and mother earth is directly related to the level of disembodiment in our culture. As psychiatrist Bessel Van Der Kolk states: “Western culture is the most disembodied in the world.”

And now we are paying the price.

Disembodiment can result in:

  • Stress & Physical Tension
  • Disease
  • Depression &/or Anxiety
  • Repetitive self-sabotaging behaviours
  • Loneliness & disconnection 
  • Relationship struggles
  • An inability to experience pleasure & healthy sexuality
  • Loss of personal power
  • Low self-love, acceptance & worth
  • Lack of creativity & inspiration

At this current time the majority of the world values the mind over the heart & intellect over feeling. Success is measured on material possessions, accomplishments & intelligence leaving emotional depth, self-understanding, human connection, compassion, health & our relationship to the earth as a second thought. 

I now understand and share through yoga and my emotional embodiment creation Sacred Flow at my studio Yoga Sita in Bibra Lake Western Australia how we must feel the uncomfortable feelings to allow for growth and change. Without doing this we become numb, disconnected, flat and close-hearted.

We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive ones.” ~ Brene Brown

This level of disembodiment in western culture directly reflects how we relate to our land, our home, this planet. As a culture we have disconnected, disrespected and closed our hearts to our greater mother, Mother Earth. We carry on pushing the issues under the rug where they stay festering and rotting until it creates so much damage we cannot ignore it any longer. Just like when we push our individual emotional struggles under the rug!
So now we cannot stay asleep to it anymore. As we see the images of lives lost, billions of helpless animals dead, eco-systems destroyed, livestock rotting on the side of the road, hundreds of people stranded on beaches and in refuge centres literally having lost everything, the mental and emotional trauma this will bring for years to come and the consideration of how we would feel losing our home, our pets, our workplace and everything we know. Let it break your heart. 
Let it crack us open and create a raging fire within that is necessary to finally wake up and create conscious heart felt change.

For ourselves. For each other. For the earth