New Year Intention ~ Half Day Retreat | 4 January 2020

New Year Intention ~ Half Day Retreat | 4 January 2020

Saturday 4 January 2020 | 11am - 3pm

What sort of energy, vibration and feeling would you like to bring in to 2020 and what would you like to clear and let go of from 2019?

Saturday 4 January | 11am – 3pm

In this special 4 hour half day retreat Alex will guide you through a variety of yoga practices, reflections and meditations to assist you in clearing away any stagnation from 2019 to make space for your 2020 sankalpa.

A sankalpa is translated as a vow or promise we make to ourselves to serve our higher purpose. A sankalpa is different to the typical New Year’s Resolution as there is no room for failure. It is a seed that is planted that helps to guide our decisions and interactions knowing that if we do fall off path momentarily our Sankalpa will still be there ready to guide us again.

So join us to plant your Sankalpa seed and let it continue to grow and blossom throughout the new year ahead.

Delicious lunch included by the beautiful Lucy Barendse

Exchange: $79