Our Story

We offer a holistic and individualised approach addressing both the physical and philosophical practices of yoga, enabling a greater connection to the potential that you are! Yoga Sita provides an encouraging and welcoming environment for all ages and levels of experience in the styles of Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative Yoga in our Bibra Lake based studio.


Our Teachers

Alexandra Almond

Alexandra Almond

Owner / Director

Alexandra co-founded Yoga Sita with husband Tim Almond in 2016. She began practicing yoga & meditation over 15 years ago to assist with her own back issues and soon realised the vast benefits yoga has on the body as well as mental and emotional health. Alexandra has a vast array of training and experience ranging from a University Degree in Exercise & Health Science, Diploma of Dance in Melbourne, two year initial yoga teacher training with Tamara Graham of Tamara Yoga and subsequent trainings with Laughing Lotus Yoga NYC, Rod Stryker of ParaYoga, Janet Stone Yoga and Tantric embodiment training with Eliyah School of the Feminine Arts and Dancing Eros. The impact these teachings have had on her life makes Alexandra extremely passionate about sharing them with the world. Her nurturing style is infused with heart & soul with her mission being to bring students back to their essential nature: bliss, joy and inner freedom. Creating Yoga Sita to share the magic of yoga with others and impact lives in a positive way is a privilege and absolute joy.

Alexandra currently teaches many weekly yoga classes at Yoga Sita as well as meditation workshops, private feminine embodiment sessions, women’s workshops & courses, local and overseas retreats for women plus co-gender retreats with her husband and fellow yoga teacher Tim.


Alana Richards

Alana’s evolution from Remedial Massage Therapist to Yoga Instructor began 15 years ago. With a passion for holistic wellness, she wanted her clients, to leave the treatment room with more than relaxation or pain relief.
Developing a unique approach to bodywork, she created a treatment inspired by her yoga practice and encouraged – stretch, meditation, relaxation and Yoga post treatment.

Alana completed her TTC (Yoga Teacher Training) over 5 years ago, in California with Sivananda Yoga and lived at the Ashram as a ‘Karma Yogi’ for 2 years. Ashram life proved to be a deeply transformative and spiritual experience.

“For over a decade I have expanded and developed my skills and the concept of wellness. I am passionate about creating a holistic awareness within each person, through regular Yoga practice, Meditation and Massage.”


Elise Dussans

Elise’s teaching style is both challenging and nurturing. She teaches a powerful and soulful flow focusing on breath and postural alignment.
Elise’s aim through her classes is to create space where students can cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves, leaving feeling balanced, strong and centered.
Elise completed her training at Byron Bay Yoga Center, is a qualified Midwife and is also a pre & post natal yoga teacher.


Lara Taylor

Lara stumbled upon yoga in her early twenties and has been practising now for over ten years. Yoga has had a huge impact Lara’s body – in particular scoliosis in her spine and complications following the birth of her daughter. Although it is the mental not just the physical aspects that impact Lara’s life and health. Lara shares; “As a worrier by nature, yoga brings me out of the future and keeps me connected to the present. Yoga makes me grateful for the small things in life and has been a wonderful gift that I’ve loved sharing with my family and friends. My intention is to bring this gift to each of my students by giving them a glimpse of the realm of possibilities that yoga opens up in a relaxed, happy and compassionate environment.” Off the mat, her passions are based around food, beautiful wine, cooking and spending time with her friends and family.

Natalie Branco

Natalie Branco

Natalie’s practice of yoga has developed through her Tamara Yoga Teacher Training and Abode Yoga Teacher Training, where she has deepened her knowledge on using yoga and meditation as a way of living a holistic lifestyle. Seeing the benefits meditation and yoga have brought into her life, she has a passion to share her knowledge and personal experience with her students. She believes in using yoga and meditation as a therapeutic approach to healing, mental and physical wellbeing, self care and self awareness. Natalie’s caring nature makes her students feel comfortable and safe.


Natasha Tay

Natasha is a Hatha and Yin Yoga Teacher and qualified Life Coach who’s journey to yoga began after an overactive thyroid diagnosis in 2001. Her healing journey drew her to Gita Yoga (a style of Hatha Yoga) because of its particular focus on balancing the endocrine (hormone producing) glands and the coresponding chakras. Natasha trained with Gita International Yoga in 2008-2009 and taught interstate in Melbourne for 5 years before returning to Perth in 2014 where she discovered her second love, Yin Yoga. She now trains every year with her teacher Jo Phee, Senior teaching assistant to Paul Grilley the founder of yin yoga, and is passionate about sharing the benefits and wisdom of both styles of yoga in her classes, workshops and retreats.


Selena Collier

Selena is full of gratitude for what yoga has brought to her life, Selena is passionate about helping her students discover how a regular yoga and meditation practice can transform their lives in body, mind and spirit. Selena trained with Linda Madani at Intuitive Flow in Ubud, a Yoga Alliance recognised Teacher Training. A wife and mother to three beautiful children, Selena knows first hand the challenges being a mother can bring, and sees the principles of yoga align with the tenets of motherhood; each enhancing and supporting the other, overcoming challenges, patience, heart opening, grounding, balance, fluidity, compassion, impermanence and devotion. Selena respects the individual and is there to support and nurture her students, to help them achieve a sense of fulfilment wherever they are in their yoga journey.

Why Yoga Sita?

Decrease Stress

At Yoga Sita we understand the importance of decreasing stress in our face paced, busy modern lives. As a society our nervous systems are in a state of chronic overwork & stress. The practice of yoga & meditation has been proven to have positive benefits on the stress response and our classes are designed to leave you walking out of the room in this state of nervous system zen!

Physical Health & Fitness

Our classes have a balanced approach to enhancing the health of your physical body including strength, flexibility, balance, coordination.

Community Vibes

Yoga Sita is not just a yoga studio, it is a community full of heart & soul with kind, compassionate and inclusive members & teachers. No matter your background, age or ability you will be made to feel welcome at Yoga Sita. We often host free community events & many friendships & connections have been formed within the four walls of our sacred space.

Mental & Emotional Health

Walking out of a class at Yoga Sita will leave you with greater clarity & peace in mind & heart.